Growing Dianthus From Seed

  • Collect seed heads before they dry and burst open. Place the seed head in a paper bag with the open end left open so that air can dry out the seed head. Label your bag immediately so that you remember what plant it is and what colour/s they are.


  • Store in a cool, dry place for at least one month. Discard the seed heads and place the small, black seeds into a paper envelope for storage. Label it clearly.


  • Use a low nutrient compost mixture that is mixed with some ordinary garden soil (about ¼ soil). Place this mixture in the base of your pot leaving about 3cms space at the top. Place coarse sand into the pot, leaving a 1cm space for water to hold in the pot.


  • Sprinkle your dry seed onto the sand and water in very, very lightly with a soft sprinkle head on your hose or watering can. The seed will slip between the grains and germinate and later on it will grow down into the soil. Cover with a plastic bag. Place in light shade to germinate.