Paper Towel Germination Procedure

This is a technique that the home gardener might consider to germinate seeds and then grow on to seedlings.  It is simple, generally effective and combines well with the technique outlined earlier growing seedling on in pots in plastic bags.

A section of paper towel is torn off, moistened and folded over.  Seeds are then sprinkled on one side of the paper towel and folded again loosely to form a square and then placed in a plastic bag. Remember to leave ample access to air to ensure aerobic conditions and label your seeds!

The paper towels remain moist for period of weeks and may only need to be remoistened after two months.

When seeds germinate, the moist paper containing the germinated seeds can be cut up and placed on top of the ‘growing on’ pot and lightly covered with a sprinkle of seed raising mix and returned to a plastic bag as in …….